Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thrift Store Find + A Lesson Learned!

I love thrift store shopping. Hopping from one store to the next looking for little treasures is one of my favourite past times.

Last week, my friend and I came across the most perfect set of dining chairs for her new home. They needed some work but they were only $10 each! Up until then, I was looking at chairs that were $100 each!

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of them, but they were mid century wood chairs with upholstered seats and backs.

My friend's brother in law used to own an upholstery shop so we wanted to check with him first. As we left the shop empty handed, I hoped they would still be there the next day.

Well the next day, we got word that it was a go! I rushed to the store but they were gone. No big surprise....those were great chairs.

We were bummed. I think I was more bummed but I want to show it.

All we could say was, "It wasn't mean to be".

Last week after a day of shopping, I was driving along and out of the corner of my eye, I saw some red chairs. I probably wouldn't have noticed them if they were any other colour!

I didn't get a good look at them and I was on my way to meet another friend but I just had a feeling.... so as soon as I could, I swung around.

I thought it was going to be simple swing around the block but there were blocked off alley's, cul de sacs, no exit roads, etc. I went about 8 blocks out of the way turning this way and that way. I almost gave up. Almost.

Ya'll know I'm pretty stubborn.

So when I finally got back on the main street, I was delighted to see that the chairs were decent!

Life Designed
I like the dark brown wood although it need refinishing. The red has to go- I'm thinking light grey. We still have to go fabric shopping.

I'm also not so crazy about the shape of the back. I would like it to be more of a simple rectangular shape.

Life Designed
And the best part: $10 each!!

PS I recently got an Iphone and it's been a life saver! I sent these pics to my friend and I knew she was in the neighbourhood so her and her hubby snatched these up! We weren't going to make the same mistake twice!

Her hubby also worked the guy down to $30 for all 4 chairs. Awesome.

When I went inside the shop, I also spotted this:

Life Designed
These were in better condition but $50 each. I do like them but they're a bit bigger than the red ones and her dining room is pretty tight as is.

Funny, my parents have very similar chairs to these ones and they bought them back in the 70's! But the ones they have are teak with brownish grey upholstery. Before the mid century style became all the rage, I almost convinced my mom to get rid of the chairs! So much for my trend forecasting!

Which one would you choose?

Ultimately they just couldn't pass on the red chairs. What a deal! Plus, I like the bones of the red ones better. They're a bit "cooler".

Once the makeover is complete, I'll be sure to post pictures!
It might be a while... we have a ton of projects coming up!

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