Monday, July 02, 2012

Neoclassical Side Table Makeover

My oldest and dearest friend recently purchased her first home! 

As happy and excited I am for her, no one is more excited than my friend- it's actually really cute. Not surprisingly, she's addicted to Pinterest and Craigslist and her obsession has paid off in big and great ways! Free rocking chair desk + chair? Score! 

She also picked up this wonderful little side table for $25. I love love love it!

Life Designed
Simple straight lines, fluted sides, tapered legs - typical neoclassical style. It's a beauty!
Not to mention it's in near perfect condition. 

Opting for a quick and easy way to paint this little guy, she picked up Krylon's spray paint: Dual paint + primer. I've never used this brand before so I was excited to give it a try. 

Life Designed
Pros: Quick dry! You're supposed to wait 2 hours minimum before you add another layer of spray paint, which is standard but my friend (like me) is uber impatient.  We actually got progressively more and more impatient. Before we sprayed this side table, we tackled a wooden chair and another side table. After the first coat, we were able to wait a whole hour! Subsequent coats got sprayed about 30 minutes later... 
Luckily there were no consequences!

Cons: This could be seen as a pro, but I found it to have a pretty wide spray. This was good to prevent the paint from pooling in certain areas. Each spray offered a light mist. The bad thing about this wide angled spray is when you need to spray a small surface area ie. the legs, paint got everywhere! This also meant a lot of paint was wasted. If you spray closer to the object, the field of degree is smaller but that's when you get a concentrated amount of paint and it starts to pool and drip. 

Another con: It sinks. Really bad. 

The smell itself is like any other paint but it's just really really strong. I'll admit I've been known to spray paint and paint indoors with little to no ventilation. Yes, I know it's bad and I've killed many brain cells. 

We sprayed the furniture outside on her balcony and maybe I was standing downwind but even with the fresh air, I still found the smell to be really obnoxious.

Smell aside, I would definitely buy this brand again. My friend and her husband will be happy because it'll force me to spray outdoors! 

So here's the little guy now:

Life Designed
Please forgive the terrible picture! Once she's all moved in and we decorate, I'll be sure to take a good picture of this guy. He deserves to shine!

I typically love changing the hardware on furniture but the little nubs on this piece was perfect and there was no need to switch them out. 

My friend's also into white, white and more white decor so we kept the nubs the same colour as the table. 

It's a lovely little piece isn't it?

I should mention she sprayed this little guy all on her own! Way to go!!

We're not quite sure yet where it's home will be. Either the guestroom, living room or entry. So many options...

I know right now Danish modern furniture is all the rage but it's refreshing to see a nod to the 18th century!

Do you agree or are you "Danish modern" all the way?

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  1. When I saw the first picture my first thought was "wow this will look amazing in white" and you did! It looks great :) Lovely piece and amazing price!