Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ratty Ol' Shoes? No Problem!

Do any of you have a pair of shoes that you just absolutely love and would buy 5 pairs of them just to ensure you'll always have them in your life?

I'm sure you do. What girl doesn't!?!

I'm not talking about anything fancy here. These ol' shoes have been my go to shoes for years. Years.

Life Designed
I promise my feet are not that dirty! These shoes are so loved, the colour is rubbing off. Ok... it might also be a little bit of dirt... I've had these for over 6 years! What do you expect? =)

And yes, those are massive cracks...they are literally falling apart. But they're still comfy!

I can't remember the shop name, but I know it was in Oregon! And I got them for about $20- tax free! I love Oregon!

So you're probably thinking, what's so great about these, right? Aren't simple black flats a dime a dozen these days?

I don't know what it is, but I haven't been able to find a pair as comfortable as these! And believe, I've been looking! (Oh and I'm also not looking to break the bank on a pair of flats...)

Every pair I've tried on feel funny, fit weird, hurt my feet, etc.

I can walk hours and hours in these shoes without a single blister and my feet blister easily!

So what's a girl to do....It's embarrassing whenever I go to a friend's house and have to take my shoes off because well... you saw them! They look terrible!

I don't know if these exist, but someone seriously needs to make shoe inserts for issues such as these...I can't use insoles because the shoes already fit me perfectly. I guess I could cut out a piece of thin, but stiff fabric and make my own insert...

Or, I can just whip out a can of spray paint!

I don't know what's taken me so long to do this.

After a couple coats of Painter's Touch black paint in matte and a coat of clear sealant:

Life Designed
As good as new! Minus the cracks...

I'm actually considering duct tape and then spray painting over that...

Now my feet can be as dirty as I want and no one will ever know! Haha