Friday, July 13, 2012

Mixing It Up- Dining Sets

For my friend's new home: think industrial, rustic yet clean, fresh and simple.

No clutter for this gal! Colour palette? Neutral: whites, greys, wood tones with pops of fresh colours. Love love love it. It's very on trend yet I think it'll be timeless!

I posted the thrift store dining chairs I found for her a couple days ago and it got me thinking about different things we can do.

I love mixing it up. Whether it be a bench and chairs, different chairs, different coloured chairs, etc. let's have some fun in the dining room!

Here are some inspiration pics I've had saved on my desktop. Sources unknown so if you recognize any of them, please let me know!

Aren't these chairs great? And if you ever questioned different coloured chairs, I think this will change your mind!

It works because of all the white going on around the colours. The colours add a nice pop without being overwhelming or tacky. It also helps that the chairs are all the same style. So even with different colours, there is still cohesion and it looks like a family.

Talk about rustic! I love it.

That table is awesome.

And here we have different styles and a slight variation in colours but it works because it's a neutral palette.

Can't go wrong with Eames chairs. 

My friend recently bought the armless one shown above for $50! And yes, it was an original! I don't think you can even get knock offs at that price! She lucked out at a warehouse sale and one of the dowels needed some fixing.

Life Designed
This one's cute. I like the colour of the chairs. I think I'd like it better with a white table!
Having all different chairs can be overwhelming and chaotic but here they're all wooden chairs and the blue creates harmony.

This one is definitely not my friend's style. It's more shabby chic but I think it's so cute. It reminds me a child's tea party! I wonder if those are original Thonet chairs....It takes a lot of guts to paint an original! =)

Out of these pictures, my favourite is the first image! But I do love that massive rustic wood table!

What do you think?

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