Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Yarn Letters...Fail

Those of you following my blog (Thank you, by the way!), know that I've been working on some little decorations for my nephew's baek-il (100 day celebration).

In addition to the DIY Sheep Art and DIY Felt Streamers I made, I had a wooden number 1 left over from my other nephew's 1st birthday last year so I bought two 0's and planned to wrap the numbers in yarn. 

Life: Designed
Then... I got lazy and decided to just spray paint them. 

THEN... I came across these beautifully made yarn letters from My Sister's Suitcase.

My Sister's Suitcase
Aren't they lovely?? Holly did such an incredible job with this! Reading her post, gave me the boost I needed to yarn wrap my numbers!

So I started with the 1...

Life: Designed
As you can see the 1 is a tough shape to wrap....

Life: Designed
Big you can see... I had no idea what I was doing... 

I decided to ditch the 1 and start on the 0. It should be easier right?

Life: Designed
It starts to get tricky where the wood curves so as you can see I left those areas for last. I love the ombre look so I went from white, to yellow, to green. 

Life: Designed
Arg... see what I mean about corners?? NOT good...

I started the next one with a better strategy... or so I thought.

Life: Designed

Life: Designed
I know it looks pretty much the same as the first one but this one's a TAD better... but still not great.

I cheated with the 1... there was no way I was tackling all those weird edges!
I stacked 2 layers of foamcore that I had cut into rectangles. Can't get much easier than that!

Life: Designed
10000x better AND faster than those pesky 0's!

Life: Designed
Ok. So not nearly as lovely as Holly's LOVE letters, I know. least I gave it a shot! 

For those of you who are thinking about trying this... do not, DO NOT do your transitions where the corners are.... Trust me. It will go so much smoother if you transition where the wood is straight as possible. Refer to Holly's O.

I give her mad props because I don't have nearly the same amount  of patience or skills as she does!


  1. Replies
    1. Ah... you're too kind Maria! I was so not happy with the result that I almost didn't post them. But heck... let's keep it real right? haha

  2. Nancy,
    Thanks for posting these! I am flattered that you gave me mad props for my letters :) It IS hard, huh? I tried to convey that in my post, but I didn't want people to be discouraged because I really DO love the result in the end :) The letter "O" was pretty tricky but I just tried to wrap those inside curves as evenly as possible. I went in one direction and kept overlapping. But yeah, as I was getting to my last letter I called my sister and told her that I hated yarn letters! I really think yours turned out great, I love the idea of doing the number for "100 Days" celebration. If anyone else tries it out and lets me know, I'll be doing a follow up post and I'll feature yours with them :) Thanks again!

  3. Hi Nancy! Those letters still turned out great!! I had no idea you were Korean, too! :D
    I hope your nephew's baek-il goes well & I'm loving all the crafts that you do for him! What an amazing aunt, you are! :)

  4. Hi Nancy! Those numbers turned out great! I was thinking to make some myself and you gave me the boost I needed so I'll let you know how it turns out!
    Your nephew's party is going to be really beautiful!
    Greetings from Spain

  5. Looks like your nephew's celebration is gonna be great! Great post! Makes me want to give it a try for Valentine's Day :)

    1. You should May! The LOVE letters Holly did are SO great- I want to try it again following her method every step of the way. We should try it together!