Thursday, February 09, 2012

Are You Charmed by Sweets?

Let me introduce you to May from Charmed by Sweets

Charmed by Sweets
May is a creator of delicious and perfectly crafted sweets!

Remember this cake from my niece's 100 day celebration?

Life: Designed
May is the talented designer and creator of this cake!

Yes, those are cake pops. And Yes those are hand made, hand painted cartoon characters.

She also put together this AMAZING Dr. Seuss inspired Thing 1 Thing 2 party for her twin god-son's birthday party. I just love this and can't believe how much work she did for this party! Actually, yes. I can believe it!

Charmed By Sweets
May, like me is new to blogland, so please go check out her site and show her some love! Not just because she's my friend but because she truly is talented, creative and pays great attention to detail like all true artists!

I met May about 4 years ago at my first design school. At the time, I was working full time and was contemplating quitting my job to go back to school. I found a local college that offered night courses in interior design which was awesome because it allowed me to test the waters and see if this was something I wanted to pursue, while still keeping my job (just in case).

May was in both my classes and I found her to be sweet, talented and someone I could call a friend!

I continued with night courses for a few semesters until I had built a decent enough portfolio to get me into the program I'm currently in.

Now... I suck at keeping in touch (Hi Jandy!! If you're reading this--I'm thinking of you!) but somehow May and I kept in touch and recently we have bonded over blogging! 

She was actually the first person I told about my blog- even though I waited almost a month before I let her see it!

I really appreciate this gal! She has been one of my biggest supporters and I'm so glad we're friends! I have no doubt she's going to go on to do and make great things! 

May- I'm so glad you've found your niche! You rock! 

I love her tag line of "because life is sweet!" It sure is! =)


  1. Aaww! Thanks Nancy! I am glad to have u as a friend too, and you have inspired me so much! =) I'll be going to a thrift store today and I am going to do that key project of yours and I'll be posting it on my blog! Where can I get that spray paint you use btw?

    1. I buy my spray paint from Home Depot or Canadian Tire. I used a black satin finish for that project. Can't wait to see it! =)

  2. Amazing cakes!
    I will check out May's blog , it's really nice to meet people with the same taste/interests. I have also kept touch with a few friends from my university and I know the exact feeling you're describing :)

    Welcome to the blogging world May!


    1. Yes, I agree Maria! I've never had so much fun meeting people! You're so sweet. Thanks for your support!

    2. Thanks Maria for the warm welcome! And Nancy, I don't know if I could ever thank u enough! =)