Sunday, January 01, 2012

A Brand New Year

Happy New Year!

As I mentioned yesterday, my niece had her 100th day celebration yesterday. We held it at my brother in law's church and I did a wee bit of decorating. It's kind of a trade off I guess since I am but a poor starving student... I offer my time and crafty hands to do some decorating and that is my present to the child. Hopefully one day they'll see all the pictures and see how much I love them! 

I currently have 3 nephews and 1 niece- all under the age of 5. SO much fun!!

Timing was perfect because I'm on break from school so I actually had time to make some decorations.

Life: Designed
Being the only girl on our side of the family, it's fun to go all out girly! 

I'm really happy with how the wreath turned out. I've wanted to try this type of wreath for Christmas for a while and since her party is so close to Christmas I thought it would be okay to go with some Christmas-y decor but with a pink twist of course! I'll post the process of this wreath later this week. It didn't take very long but it required a lot more balls than I thought! I think everyone who has made this wreath says the same thing! =)

I used left over coffee filters from this coffee filter wreath project to make the letters of her name. They were probably my least favourite decor item I made for this party... 
It was hard to control the puffiness of the filters and I don't like how it looks with the white dollar-store-table-cloth-turned-backdrop. If I had been smart, I would have either used a pink backdrop or outlined the letters in pink. I think more pink would have made everything look less "wedding like".

The paper rose topiaries turned out nicely! Again... a bit on the wedding side... A lot of people said it looked like Mia's getting married! Yeah.. maybe not quite baby-like but I wanted to try making these and I thought they would be pretty. 
Although I like how they turned out but...I probably won't be making these again.
I think Mia should keep these for 20+ years and use them at her wedding! Ha Ha that would be awesome! And impressive if they can keep these to last that long!

The branch in the vase is something trendy that I wanted to add. I don't know where to get Manzanita branches in Vancouver so I looked around for branches on the street! My friend and I were killing time before watching a movie and we came across an abandoned stretch of property with lots of tree branches. Good thing it's the dead of winter... 

When I took it home, the first thing I saw was this:

Life: Designed
Funny how we don't see what's right in front of us sometimes!
So I threw out the branch I had just picked up (it wasn't quite right anyways), got an Xacto knife and gave this tree a little trim. 

I gave it a light coat of white spray paint and hung the left over balls from the wreath. Now I know why people invest in Manzanita branches.. they are much sturdier than branches you'll find around your neighbourhood. As light weight as the Christmas ornaments were, they were still causing the branches to sag a little bit. I had to be careful where I placed them. 

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Isn't the cake so cute? We hired my friend to make it and I think she did a great job! The figurines are Moshi Maro (Korean) and Pucca (Chinese) cartoon characters. Perfect since we are Korean and my brother in law is Chinese. 

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The Grandmothers made all the food and everything was so delicious!

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The table cloth backdrop is killing me... Ha Ha..What can you do...

Next party... My nephew's turning 2 on January 9th! My sister and brother in law are having a small gathering with just family and a couple close friends this Saturday. Here's a sneak peek at some of the decor I've been working on. Can you guess the theme??  

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  1. You know what's funny... My family is Korean and my sister in law is Chinese and and my brand new niece is about to celebrate her baek-il also. I love coincidences :)

    1. Haha weird. But in a good way! =)
      My other sister's youngest is having his baek-il in 2 weeks!
      Baek-il, Dohl.. they're fun celebrations aren't they?