Saturday, December 31, 2011

Celebrating 100 Days!

It's New Year's Eve but more importantly, it's my niece's 100 day party! 


In the Korean culture the 100th day (baek-il) of a baby's life is celebrated with family and friends. It's an old tradition that we still carry with us today. I was always told we celebrate it because back in the day during war time, babies often didn't survive. For the first 99 days, the survival of the baby was always uncertain but once it reached 100 days, the likelihood that the baby would survive and thrive was solidified.

But... I looked it up and Wiki is telling me a different story. One that is full of superstition and worshiping a false god. The Korean culture, as with many Asian cultures, has a lot of superstitious beliefs so this doesn't surprise me. My family is not superstitious and I believe in God, not some birth goddess so I'm going to chose to celebrate it in my own way and simply treat it as an excuse to eat some cake and celebrate the life of my little niece with friends and family.

I made some DIY decor for the party which I'll post soon!

Oh and Happy New Year! 

This picture reminds me of the one and only time I've been to Hawaii...

So long 2011. Hello 2012!


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