Sunday, December 25, 2011

DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

Merry Christmas Everyone! It's a little late but I just wanted to share my first attempt at a DIY wreath. 

I was at my sister's house a couple weeks ago and my brother in law mentioned he wanted to put a wreath over the mantle. I'm on break from school and the thing I love to do most with my free time next to playing with my nephews and niece, is a DIY project!

Searching the internet I came across coffee filter wreaths! What a great idea! And right up my alley budget wise!

I hit up a few stores looking for a styrofoam wreath to use as the base. I found them at Michael's but they were not cheap. For this little project, I was hoping to find the base for a couple dollars. No such luck.

So then I decided to just try it with poster board. It should work right?

I cut out a donut shape and started hot gluing on the filters which I bought at a dollar store. 

Life: Designed
 To avoid burning fingers, use a pen to wrap the filters around:

Life: Designed
The closer you glue the filters, the fuller it will be. But try not to be too tight to begin with. I found it easier to start looser and then fill in the gaps as needed afterwards. 

Life: Designed
Be patient and just keep at it. This wreath is 19" in diameter and took about 200 filters.
Life: Designed
So now what? It didn't quite have the impact I was hoping for. Simplicity is great but this was a little too plain.

Then I came across this wreath. Simple. Elegant. Beautiful.

The method used for the Lowe's wreath is different from what I did. If I were to do this again, I'll probably use Lowe's way because I like the type of ruffles it produces better.

I love the green and white palette but I found a wide red velvety ribbon for only a $1 so... red it was!

For the flower portion, I used poster board and spray painted it silver, which I already had on hand. 
I took an old necklace and sacrificed it for the beads. They were the perfect shade of red.

Life: Designed
Imitation is the highest form of flattery right? 

I remember hearing once on some reality show, I think it was America's Next Top Model, something like, "If you're going to copy someone make sure you do it 100x better"

Well.. maybe I'll get it right next time. I don't think it's bad, it's just not as wonderful as I had imagined in my head.

Life: Designed

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