Monday, January 23, 2012

I Love Kate Spade...Ads

I posted a while ago that I love Louis Vuitton ads. They are stunning images! That Annie Leibovitz sure knows what she's doing.

As much as I love them, I think I love Kate Spade ads even more, simply because they make me so happy!

I don't remember how it happened but I came across Kate Spade ads on the internet one day and I've been a huge fan ever since. 

The ads are fun, colourful and all around happy! Colour is something a lot of people are afraid of. Walk around the streets of Vancouver or go to any Vancouver event and you will see (for the most part) black shoes, black jackets. I totally understand. Neutrals are safe. 99% of my closet is full of dark neutrals. Colour requires a hefty commitment. 

As much as my eldest sister loves purple, I think she would bust a gut if I ordered her a purple sofa. 

But look! It's lovely if it's done right!

C'mon take a look at these images and tell me you don't love colour!

I actually have some of these images in frames scattered around my room and I LOVE them. 

Life: Designed
This is one of the only bright pops of colour I have in my wardrobe. I got it a couple years ago on sale at a Kate Spade outlet in the States. Sigh... this image screams spring/summer. Hang in there... just a few more months.

I got those Dahlia's (my favourite flowers!) at a street vendor and spent the day feeling oh so feminine with my bright bag and lovely flowers. Haha...

Keep it up Kate Spade- your ads ROCK!


  1. I agree...colour is great! Just heard a fashion gal on tv say that 'colour blocking' is the newest trend this I love my Kate spade hot pink iPod case :)

  2. Love that yellow ad! I am going to PIN it!