Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Salt Building

I love old rustic buildings.

If I ever do the marriage thing, I would love to have the reception at a rustic venue. 

I love all the wood, the skylights are lovely and the hanging lights are divine!

Our current project at school is to design a restaurant using The Salt Building:

This is probably one of my favourite buildings in Vancouver. It's a heritage building along South False Creek and is right in the middle of the Olympic Village. During the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics this venue was the "athlete's living room".

It was built in in the 1930's to store and process salt from San Francisco. In the 80's it was converted into a paper recycling plant.

By 2007 the building was desolate and in need of major love. Thankfully the city didn't tear it down. Instead it invested about 10 million dollars into restoring it into a glorious landmark. 

Some people may look at it and see a 10 million dollar barn. I see a beautiful piece of our history which is priceless.

It's currently empty which is shocking to me. It had plans to be a brew pub, bakery and coffee shop but for whatever reason, it remains unleased...

The beams and trusses are just breathtaking. Have I mentioned how much I love this building?!

The concept for my restaurant project still needs to be refined but basically it revolves around communal dining.

What's communal dining you ask?

Stay tuned and find out!


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