Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY Felt Streamers

Anthropologie is hands down one of my favourite stores to peruse. Their clothes are cool but pricey. Same with their accessories. I can't afford shopping there. I go just to enjoy their window and in store displays. They are simple AMAZING!

Last year, I drove down to the States and of course, stopped by Anthropologie.

This is mind blowing. And... it's just string and tissue paper!

One day I want to make a TON of these streamers for a huge party!

For now, I'm content with working on a MUCH smaller scale. I mentioned earlier that I'm working on decorations for my nephew's small 100 day celebration. The sheep art is done. The only other decor I'm making are a few of these streamers but I'm using felt instead of tissue paper.

I bought six sheets of 8 1/2" x 11" at the dollar store and cut out these circles. You can just eyeball it- they don't need to be perfect. In fact, I think they look better if they aren't perfect.

Life: Designed
This stack was for one streamer. I would have liked to have used more felt per streamer but I didn't want to make another trip to the store to buy more sheets...Lazy much?

Now make a slit through the center of the circles using whatever method you find useful. I was in bed watching TV as I was making this so I just used scissors to cut a slit in the center. Make sure the slit isn't too big or else you'll have problems with the next step.

Life: Designed

If the slit's big, you're going to need a BIG knot to prevent the yarn/strong from slipping through.

Next, cut your yarn/string to whatever length you need- don't forget you'll need more yarn/string than you think because of all the knots you're going to be making.

I worked from the bottom up so I tied a knot, fed the green circle through, eye balled about 2", tied anther knot and fed the white circle through. 

Life: Designed
You can do a gradation of colours, make it all one colour or mix up the colours. I used a more regimented system of light green, white, dark green, repeat. Looking at them now, I kind of wish that I did the colour gradation method... oh well. Next time!

Life: Designed
If you're going to try this, get A LOT of felt. Mine turned out quite sparse...
And if you're going to use tissue paper... I figure you'll need hundreds of sheets to get good volume.

You can also vary the distance between the circles or have 3 circles together then a knot, 5 circles, then a knot, etc. - all suggestions I'm going to try the next time!

I'm thinking of hanging these either behind the sheep art or on either side of it. I'll post images of the total look after the party in about 2 weeks!

We're keeping it simple so that's it for decorations. All I have left to do is to make cupcakes! Yummy!


  1. Not sure if you already know, we have Anthropologie here.. It's right across William Sonoma on Granville St. I love their house & home collection, they are always so lovely. I agree with you on the price; I want so many of their clothes but I can't afford them! Maybe when I win the lottery. Lol.

    1. Hi May! I love our Anthropologie! And yeah... I just go to window shop... Sometimes you can get lucky though. My friend got a jacket, sweater and pants- all for $75! That's steal!!

    2. What?! Really?! Wow! I'm jealous! Lol.

  2. Love your decorations, and this idea is no exception!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Let's hope it all gets put together nicely for the party!!