Thursday, February 02, 2012

Magazine Holder- To Paint or Not To Paint

I need your help.

One of my sisters is a major piler (just like me). Her husband made a comment a couple weeks ago that they needed to buy a magazine holder for all her magazines. 

Well, I happened to find myself at Nood where they were having a massive clearance sale. I spotted their magazine holder and was happy to see it marked down from $57 to $28! Buuut.... $28 was still a bit steep. Surely I could make one or find a cheap little fixer upper. 

I also spotted some awesome bags that I REALLY want but just can't afford... even with the sale price. 

Sigh... can I justify buying one if I use to as my school bag? Or my travel bag for our class trip to Chile??

Anyways... I digress. What was I talking about?

Oh yes. Magazine holder.

So I was at the thrift store the other day and guess what I spotted??

At first I thought it was broken because the sides were wobbly. But I realized they actually fold like this:

Makes it easy to carry around or to store away if you don't have any magazines.

The wood's faded and there are a few nicks that I need to sand down but for the most part, it's in good condition. What makes it GREAT is that I got it for $5! $5!! Whoo hoo!

Here's where I need your help! Should I paint it? Stain it? Stencil it? I contemplated leaving it as is because I LOVE the look of zebrano wood but this is so faded that it doesn't look like this anymore:

Any suggestions??


  1. hm... that's a tough one. I agree that the fade could use a bit of TLC and that stenciling would look neat~ but staining it could also look amazing as well.. haha~ sorry, not really narrowing anything down for you! ;) they're allll amazing options! :)

    1. I opted to stain them! In the process of redoing them right now! Thanks for your 2 cents!!