Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nursery Makeover?

I recently received an email from Tara, the editor of

Can you believe it? She wants to feature the nursery I put together for my sister's baby! 

Life: Designed The DIY Nursery Project
For the feature, Tara asked me a few questions that got me thinking more and more about this nursery.  (I'll post a link to the feature when it goes live)

The nursery was completed late last summer. Since we didn't know the sex of the baby I was determined to be as gender neutral as possible but in a non traditional way.

I didn't have a problem with choosing colours for a gender neutral room because in my head I thought even if the baby was a girl, I didn't want her to have an ultra girly girl room.

Well....ever since baby Mia arrived on September 21, 2011 I've secretly been wanting to redo her room in shades of pink. Yup. ALL PINK. 

I want to put her in tutus and girly dresses and make her the girliest girl you've ever seen. At least for now. When she's older, I want her to be tough and a bit of a tom boy (with a feminine side of course!) Basically.... the perfect girl. Haha! No pressure Mia!

I saw this tulle table on Pinterest and I SO want to try and make it for her room one day.

I admit it. I love tulle!

Want proof? Check what I've had saved on my computer for months! (If anyone knows the sources to any of these photos, please let me know!)

Ok the last two aren't tulle, but they have the same sort of effect.

And no. I'm not getting married. I just love tulle wedding dresses. =)

I'm thinking in the summer if my sister/brother-in-law approve, I'll redo my niece's room. Since I don't want to throw out ALL my previous work, I'll keep the yellow, maybe the grey, toss the blue and add a TON of pink. We'll see. =)

For now I've got to start gathering pink inspiration! And not a soft baby pink... I'm thinking bold, hot pink! I just hope it doesn't turn out to be a hot mess!

So how about it? Are you a tulle gal? It took me years to admit it, but I totally am!


  1. How funny! I have the one with the cowboy boots saved as well :) I like tulle!

  2. How fantastic that they want to feature your nursery! That has to be flattering! I absolutely love that pink tulle table skirt. I so wish my little girl was still into the pink frilly look. Love that dress with the girl wearing the cowboy boots too. Fun!

  3. You need to show me a picture of ur niece in a cute tutu! Lol. That'd be so adoreable! And that lady wearing cowboy boots seems very popular.. I love that dress too, it's sort of similar to the Vera Wang wedding dresses I've seen on magazines.

  4. That's awesome!! What an exciting opportunity~! And yes, tulle is fun!! I am totally loving the 'cowgirl' wedding dress! :)