Monday, February 20, 2012

Pink Tutus!

In the header of Maria's Craft Crazy Mom blog, her daughter is wearing an adorable hot pink tutu. Little did I know, Maria makes those!

Craft Crazy Mom

And did you know Maria has an Etsy shop? I didn't until recently!

Last Christmas I bought my niece a little tutu from Winners but it was nothing like the ones Maria makes. I'm currently really digging her 3 piece set that comes with a tutu, headband and pin! SO cute! 

Bijou Baby Boutique
It's pink and yellow and tulle! Remember this post from not so long ago? It's perfect! It's a sign. I gotta have it. 

I mean, Mia's gotta have it... heh

I think it would be perfect for her 1st birthday! Or any day really....

Bijou Baby Boutique

Oh my goodness. Can you get any cuter?! 

I'm emailing my sister right now. If she doesn't want to buy this, she's crazy.

Side note: I'm not affiliated with Craft Crazy Mom or Bijou Baby Boutique or getting paid for this post. I just think this is too good to not share!

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  1. Oh my goodness Nancy! Thanks! It started off as a one woman show, but now I have an amazing business partner (Jessica) who now handles production. You're so sweet!