Monday, February 13, 2012

A Sheep Party For A Rabbit?

So remember when I mentioned my youngest nephew's baek-il (100 day) celebration would have a sheep theme because he was born in the year of the sheep? Well... turns out he's actually a rabbit! Oops! Ha ha!

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Well good thing a sheep theme is still considered a baby friendly! Phew. Imagine if we had thought he was a snake or a rat! 

It was an intimate gathering on Saturday and my sister didn't want it to be a big deal decor- wise, because both of his brother's parties were VERY low key- no decorations whatsoever. 

But I still wanted it to look nice so I had made some decorations that I shared with you earlier.

The DIY Sheep Frame:

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The Felt Streamers:

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Yarn Numbers: (I just realized I keep calling them yarn letters... instead of numbers...haha)

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I also baked cupcakes! I'm really digging being in the kitchen!

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I've never made red velvet cupcakes before so that's what I went with AND because I LOVE cream cheese icing in case you didn't know. =)

I thought I could just forgo the red food colouring and that the cocoa powder would be enough to make the cake brown.

Well... no. That doesn't work at all! Without food colouring, the batter was the colour of Tuna Sashimi. Not very dessert like whatsoever...

I caved and added some red dye. The recipe called for 2 tablespoons which is A LOT of dye... I think I used about a teaspoon before I decided all this dye was not a good idea. Besides, I was going to ice them like crazy so it didn't REALLY matter what the cake colour was.

I finally got to use this genius icing tip and it was a dream! So easy and the clean up? What clean up? All I had to clean was the tip!

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The cake toppers are something I whipped up on Publisher using a sheep image I found on the internet and I made that popsicle stick fence in about 5 minutes the morning of the party. I think it turned out pretty cute!

And remember the (fail) t-shirts I made?

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That's right, I forced them all to wear them! My sister/bro-in-law aren't too keen on having their kids on the internet so I improvised. 

If you're curious, for the eldest kid, Matthew picture:

M was practically bald for the first couple years of his life and with his super round head, everyone always said he looked like Caillou.

It's hard to find a doppelganger for Thomas... He also had little to no hair but his face is much narrower and longer than Matthew's. He often reminds me of a little Asian boy version of:

Yes, that's Lex Luthor from Smallville. Let's hope Thomas' personality's is a tad less evil!

And little Nathan. Well.. actually, he ain't so little:

He's our little, big Chien Po from Mulan. This one's actually quite fitting personality wise! Nathan's so cuddly, mellow and gentle- let's hope he stays that way! =)

Happy 100 Days Nathan!! You're growing up way too fast baby boy! I love you!

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I've posted this on Project Nursery. I love this site-check it out if you get a chance! 

Have a happy Monday everyone! =)


  1. Looks adorable! What a great Aunt you are!

  2. That turned out really great! =) Happy 100 days to your nephew!

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