Friday, August 31, 2012

Dulux Metalclad Paint Review

When I started to modify my sister's old shelves into night tables, I knew I wanted to paint it with white lacquer paint (something I've never used before).

I stepped into Dulux Paint for the first time to see what they had and after discussing my plans with the saleswoman she recommended this paint:

I got a quart for $25. This isn't lacquer paint (their lacquer paint only came in a gallon and it was $68!) but she recommended it because of it's high gloss finish. 
And did it deliver?
However I did have a few problems with this paint.
#1: It has a loooong drying time. It took me 3 days to paint just one shelf. The directions recommends 16 hours between coats. 16 hours! I really should have read that before buying this. Of course I didn't wait 16 hours. That's just crazy. It took about 6-8 hours before the paint was no longer tacky. (I did 3 coats. If I had taken the time to prime it, it might have only needed 2 coats)

#2: Another thing I wish I had known is that you need paint thinner/mineral spirits to wash it out of your brush/roller.

#3: I should have asked what tool would be the best to apply this paint. I used a polyester roller but that resulted in little tiny bubbles everywhere:
Life Designed
I remedied it by rolling paint on, then while it was still wet, going over it with a foam brush that I happened to have on hand from the dollar store. I'm sure a foam roller would have done the trick but why spend money when you can use what you have on hand right?
Life Designed
This seemed to do the trick. I suppose the one good thing about it having such a loooong drying time is that I ended up using the same roller and foam brush for 3 days straight without having to wash either one of them.

That was a happy discovery. After the first day of painting and realizing water wasn't going to wash out the paint from the roller/brush, I conceded to the fact that I was just going to have to throw them out. I left them out overnight expecting them to be dry so I could throw them out in the morning but they were still wet so I just kept on using them!
Overall, I don't think I will buy this paint again.  I just don't think it's worth all the drying time. 
Next time I want a high gloss finish, I'll either just go with glossy interior paint or a glossy sealant and see how that goes. 

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