Wednesday, August 08, 2012

$5 Side Table Makeover

Last week I was in Coquitlam getting my favourite cream cheese icing cupcakes from a bakery when I noticed a thrift shop a couple stores down. You know me, I couldn't resist!

As I approached the store, I saw this pretty little table sitting out front:

Life Designed
The price tag said $15 so I went inside and asked if she would take $10 for it. No go. 

$15 is not a bad price but before I could think about it any further, my friend got an urgent phone call and we had to rush off. I made a split second decision to leave it. A few days later, I found myself still thinking about it. 

Isn't that a shopping rule? If you walk away and find yourself still thinking about it, that means you should go and get it? I know I read that somewhere!
But I think you're supposed to wait weeks or even months. In my case a few days was long enough!

So a week later, I was in the neighbourhood and decided to go back and see if it was still there.  If so, then surely it was meant to be! 

Sure enough there it was! And even better?

Life Designed
$5!! Either the price went down from $15 to $5 in a week or I read it wrong the first time I saw it. Either way, I left the store a happy camper!

Unfortunately the top for some reason isn't solid wood. Had it been all solid wood, I doubt it would have been $5...but the bottom is solid wood, including the little drawer.

Life Designed
All it needed was a couple coats of white paint- I didn't even prime it I was so excited. I spray painted the legs but used a roller brush for the table top. Then finished it off with a coat of sealant. 

I even kept the knob which I think suits the table perfectly. And I love the detailed carving!

Life Designed
Life Designed
Life Designed
What a great table for only $5!

The plan was to paint it and then sell it on Craigslist but I like it so much I just might keep it!

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