Monday, September 24, 2012

Li'L Man Banner

Well my niece's 1st birthday has come and gone and now it's time to focus on my nephew's 1st birthday party coming up! With 4 little ones, there's never a dull party decorating moment!

A friend's daughter took a ton of pics of the cake/candy bar table on Saturday so I'll post those as soon as we get them. 

In the meantime...let's switch gears for a little man's 1st birthday!

The theme is "mustache bash" so I'm in the middle of make a little banner that will look something like this:
Life Designed
I was originally going to use onesies, but then I'd have to iron a mustache on or draw it which did not appeal to me. I'm not a fan of iron on transfers ever since my epic tie t-shirt fail

So I decided to go the easy route (also a major time saver!) and put this together in Publisher and Photoshop. 

I'm going to print out each shirt on white 8-1/2 x 11 cardstock and then paint wooden clothes pins alternating in green and blue for a bit of colour. 

The party's going to be in a gym at a community center which is great for the kids but it's a bit of a challenge to decorate so it's not going to be uber fancy or anything. But I'm super excited about the party favours! I started the process of making them a while ago- can't wait to share them with you guys- all I'll say is it involves mustaches! =)

Happy Monday everyone! I have a busy week ahead of me.. Actually a busy semester- make that a busy year... My only solace is that it's my final year!! 

I hope to continue blogging as much as I can. Please bare with me. =)

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