Monday, September 17, 2012

1st Birthday Party Target Haul

In addition to my little niece turning 1 in just one week, my youngest nephew, Nathan, AKA Chubbs, AKA Butterball, is celebrating his 1st birthday in the beginning of November! 

So I'm simultaneously making decorations for both parties in addition to studying in my last year of design school... It's going to be a busy fall.

Back in August, I had gone down to the States to hit up Target and Joann's for some party supplies and I wanted to share them with you!

The theme for his birthday is: Little Man Mustache Bash! I'm trying to get my sister to buy him a onesie with a bowtie, suspenders and a newspaper boy cap! I also just picked up some hipster glasses for him at the dollar store! =)

We're going to create a photobooth and for the backdrop, I picked up this fabric from Joann's:
With my coupon, 2 yards came to just under $7! Whoo hoo!

Then I was on a hunt for a fun tablecloth. Am I the only one who has problems finding nice (non licensed) tablecloths for parties? I know the dollar store has inexpensive solid coloured tablecloths but I wanted some sort of pattern and preferably better quality than thin cheap plastic.

Target had a small selection of tablecloths (along with a large selection of Disney/Pixar patterns) but they were either too girly or not the right colour scheme.

Then... I walked past the bathroom section and spotted a pattern and colour scheme that would be perfect! So what if it's a shower curtain, right? 
Life Designed
I actually might switch the two and use the shower curtain as the photobooth backdrop- that way my sister and her hubby can reuse it and replace their old shower curtain.

The other thing I was on the hunt for were disposable cups with lids for kids. These are surprisingly hard to track down! Target, however saved me as they had these fun little animal cups that come with lids and bendy straws.
Life Designed
Originally the plan was to have plain (or green/blue) cups with mustache straws but I think the kids will like these animal cups.

When I got home, I cut out a bunch of mustaches:
Life Designed
Then punched holes in them using a single hole punch and voila:
Life Designed
Perfect! I have a ton of extra mustaches so the adults can have some fun too!

It wasn't a huge shopping spree but I'd say it was a very successful trip! Especially since I got me some chalupa's at Taco Bell- that's always my favourite part of any road trip to the States! =)

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