Wednesday, September 05, 2012

DIY Serviette Tray

Here's a really simple easy DIY for a lovely, sophisticated tray.
Life Designed
A few weeks ago I was at Pier 1 Imports looking for peonies for my tin cup vase. Unfortunately, I didn't find what I was looking for but all was not lost because I got this serviette on sale for a few dollars:
Life Designed
I love fabrics with words on them and this was from their fall harvest line so it has words of thanksgiving, blessings, grace, etc. These would make great toss cushions but I just picked up 1 because I knew I wanted to make it into a tray.

I had planned to go to the thrift store to find an old picture frame that I would turn into a tray but I got so busy with other projects that I never got around to it.

Then last week, I was at my friend's house helping her move and while we were packing, she came across this wood tray that she offered to me before she threw it out.
Life Designed
At first, I told her to just chuck it but then changed my mind when I remembered my serviette.

Once I got it home, I spray painted it white and since I don't have a piece of glass that fits into the tray I needed a way to keep the serviette in place.

So I cut an old piece of foam board to fit inside the tray:
Life Designed
After ironing the serviette, I wrapped it around the foam board and staple gunned it in place:

Life Designed

And that's it!
Life Designed
This type of fabric always reminds me of Parisian decor.
Life Designed
I can't remember where I got this Eiffel Tower from...I know I didn't buy it, I've never been to France so perhaps it was a gift from a friend. All I know is, I've had it for a couple decades. 
Life Designed
Life Designed
C'est chic, non? =)

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