Monday, October 29, 2012

Nathan's Doljabi Raffle

The baby of our family is turning 1 this Friday! It's so bittersweet...I wish I had the power to freeze time.

His cousin Mia, who's 6 weeks older, had her dol (a baby's 1st birthday) at the end of September. The Korean doljabi raffle was a big hit at Mia's dol so I reused the pink jars to make Nathan's dojabi raffle.
These $1 piggy banks have been so useful!

Here's what they were like when I bought them:
With some paint and scrapbook paper, I transformed them into this for Mia's doljabi:
For Nathan's dojabi, I couldn't find any paper that I liked so I made this circle pattern in Publisher:
As for the doljabi sign, I haven't printed it out yet but here's what it looks like:
Sorry for the green monster... My sister/BIL don't want pictures of their kids roaming freely on the internet. =)

I can't wait for Nathan to do his cake smash! He's going to make one BIG mess!


  1. what a neat idea! I always love the doljabi! :D

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