Thursday, November 01, 2012

Reuse Bath + Body Works Candle Holders

I love candles. 

So much in fact that in high school, my church youth kids joked that I was goth.  I suppose the mood lighting and incense didn't help... 

Soon "goth" was replaced with "witch" when the kids discovered a broom in my closet. It was a prop from a church play...I promise! =)
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Lately my love for candles has made a roaring comeback so a couple weeks ago I went to Bath and Body Works. I've actually never purchased candles from BBW but I was curious to see what they had. 

Out of their shelves and shelves of scents, I found my favourite in their clearance section.

They were 3 for $15 so I got myself 2 Pink Sangrias and 1 Sea Island Cotton. I LOVE the Pink Sangria. It has a subtle citrus scent- sort of a mix of grapefruit and pink lemonade. describes it as: A refreshing mix of zesty mandarin, crisp apple and sugared grapes & berries 

It took less than a week before I burned through one candle. I should have picked up s'more!

The jars are really well made but unfortunately they don't have a recycling program for them. I'm really surprised and slightly disappointed by this.

Until they come up with a recycling program for their candle jars (I predict they will in the near future!) I'm going to have to find use for them! 

So how do you make these jar reusable? Easy!

I know this is nothing revolutionary but I still wanted to share this with y'all! 

I used a safety pin to break up the remaining hard wax:
It actually crumbled a lot easier than I thought. 

There was still a little bit of residual wax sticking around so I nuked it in the microwave until the wax melted. 

Then wiped the jar clean with a paper towel.

Cleaned with soap and water; removed all labels- I highly recommend Goo Gone. You can get it at Canadian Tire or Home Depot. And voila- as good as new!
Now what to do with this jar...The larger jars are great for storing q-tips. 

These little guys are great for storing make up pads, hair ties, bobby pins or other little nick nacks. 

I'm using it as my brush/make up holder:
Perfect fit!  

What will you do with your Bath and Body candle jars?


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  2. It's easy of you put the jars in the freezer overnight. When you take it out, the left over candlewax should pop right out or you may have to wiggle a knife on the side. But it's very easy. I use my empty jars for pencil/pen holders. I also store my makeup brushes, cotton balls, qtips and lipsticks. It's fun to redecorate them with ribbon, glitter and paint.

    1. Thanks Melanie! I actually have another jar that's all used up and I'm going to try your method! Thanks for your comment. Happy New Year!

  3. I have an insane amount of BBW candles. Any other tips on what I can re-purpose them for?

  4. It's also cheaper to buy grains/spices/candies in bulk, so you can stick em in those too! I find the mini candles are great for spices.

  5. If you put them in the freezer the wax does come right out and you can use it up in a warmer like you would wax melts! Just break the wicks out first! AND the labels come off easier after it has been in the freezer.