Friday, October 19, 2012

Mustache Mug Party Favours

What is more fun than a mustache mug?!
I love candy bars but I feel like we need to switch it up. I'm pretty sure we've had candy bar favours for the past 6-12 parties. Change is good, no? 

So for my nephew's upcoming 1 year little man mustache party, I came up with a different idea for favours. 

His party will be right after Halloween so kids (and parents) will be candied out- another reason why I love this idea!
Life Designed

This is a really inexpensive and fun gift that kids and adults will enjoy! 

All you need are:

Martha Stewart Glass Paint 
Mugs- I got mine for $1.00 at a local dollar store. They had different shipments that's why there are different styles (as shown in the image above) but at $1 each, I'm not picky! (Ikea  has $1 mugs but I don't really like the shape of them)
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So I'll show you what I did the first time around which didn't work for me, but it might work for you!

I printed off a mustache and coloured over the edges with a soft pencil:
Life Designe
Then put with the image face down on the mug, I traced the outline of the stache - this transferred an outline every so lightly on the mug:
Life Designed
The paint bottle has a fine tip which is nice, so I proceeded to fill in the stache with the paint.
Life Designed
I've never used this paint before and to be honest, I had a bit of trouble with it...It left a really bumpy three dimensional texture on the mug that I did not like:
Life Designed
I was hoping for a nice smooth finish....

I tried smoothing it out with a paint brush which sort of helped but it still wasn't good enough...
Life Designed
So...on to another method! 

A mustache stencil!
Life Designed

Life Designed

Before baking, I used my nails to clean up the edges the best I could:
Life Designed
We're going to put some cookies or small toys in a cellophane baggie and put them in the mugs for all the kiddies.

Add a balloon, line them up on the table and ta da! They double as centerpieces!

Life Designed
For those of you wondering about the glass paint: There are little to no instructions on the bottle...You have the option to air cure for 21 days...or oven bake. But you have to go on their website for the baking instructions. I couldn't find it on the website so I just googled it and found something that said air dry the paint for an hour then place it in the oven - set to 350 degrees and bake for 30 mins. Do not preheat the oven, the glass/ceramic needs to warm up slowly. Let it cool down in the oven and then wait 72 hours before using.

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