Friday, October 05, 2012

Mia's 1!

So as I mentioned, my little niece turned 1 a couple weeks ago! 
Life Designed
Here are some decor pics that our friend's daughter shot. At 16 years old, she's a budding photographer! 
Life Designed
I LOVE this vintage filter!
Life Designed
On the left, is the Korean Doljabi Raffle- for the explanation of what this is and the DIY project, check out my post here. It was a hit and the kids all loved this little "game"- I let them enter as many times as they wanted. It was a good way to keep them preoccupied for a while!
I need to make another dol tower for my nephew who turns 1 in just under a month! It's a busy fall season!!
My friend May from Charmed By Sweets made the super cute cake topper:
Life Designed
Life Designed
I would have preferred a custom cake but...unfortunately, budget did not allow for it. Gotta make compromises! =)
My sister got this cake from a local bakery and although it's not what I had in mind, it was ok!
Life Designed
Everyone loves a candy bar! 
Life Designed
We had to make sure to snap these pics before the kids (and adults) went to town on the treats!

All in all it was a great little party and Mia was such a great sport, hamming it up for the camera. Near the end of the party, she was SO tired but still humoured us with the doljabi in which she picked the pencil. The second time around, she grabbed the $100 bill and wouldn't let go! Haha good girl! 
Mia is absolutely the most mellow, laid back baby you'll ever meet! 
Let's hope their next kid is the same!


  1. Happy birthday to her! Love the decor and your little photographer did a great job! Maria

  2. I think the photographer is only 14 even though she looks 16.

    1. how do I delete comments, I don't know why I wrote that up there...
      I love everything that you do Nancy!!!