Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Señor + Señora DIY Frames

I've spent months preparing my friend's wedding decorations and it all comes to fruition this Saturday!

These are the custom made cake toppers she got from Etsy. SO adorable don't you think?
As you might be able to tell, the bride is Korean and her groom is Mexican.

Custom Cake Toppers from Etsy
In addition to this, her mother-in-law drew caricatures of the beautiful bride and groom which they used on their wedding invites:

I also used these caricatures for their "well wishes jar" which I'll post later this week!

For the head table back drop, we're going to have a bunch of hanging empty frames which I've painted in seafoam and gold. Remember these frames I got at the thrift store months ago from my post "What To Do With Thrift Store Frames"?

Life Designed
Well, times that by 3 and that's what I've got!

Behind the bride and groom's seat I created these Señor & Señora frames:

Life Designed
I took two frames roughly the same size (about 15" x 12") and painted them a burnished/patina gold using the same method I used here.

One frame came with glass, the other didn't but I opted for no glass because I want these to be as light as possible as they will be hanging from fishing wire- not to mention glare from flash would not be good.

I found the lace pattern from good ol' Martha Stewart, dropped it into Photoshop cropped it and got the desired colour.

Life Designed
Here's the back of the frame. Lovely huh?

I cut the paper to fit into the groove but since there was no glass to support it, it was really flimsy. Foam core to the rescue!

Life Designed
Just a little bit of double sided tape and I was good to go!

Life Designed
A perfect fit! I got giddy and started locking that foam core in place until I realized I need to loop fishing wire through the frame first.  I'll have to wait until I get to the venue to cut the wire to the desired length and then I'll either use packing tape to lock the foamcore in place or my staple gun.

I couldn't justify buying an $18 zinc letter from Anthropologie so I was happy to find a wooden ampersand from Etsy and painted it sea foam.

For those of you wondering the colour is a fabulous find from Home Depot. Even before settling on the colour for the wedding, I came across a whole gallon of sea foam paint in the returned department at Home Depot. At the time I didn't really need it but at $9 for such a beautiful colour, how could I resist?? It was a custom blend but it's a perfect match to Martha Stewart's Araucana Teal paint.

It's all coming together in my mind... Here's to hoping everything looks as good in real life as it does in my head!

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  1. I love old frames as well :o)
    Love what you did!
    Thanks for linking up this week!
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